Idea Garage Agro Security

Agrohub, with the support of Agroscope International, invites innovators on April 26 to find new security solutions for the agrarian sector in the Idea Garage format at UNIT Factory.


Idea Garage Agro Security is the event platform that encourages decision making and testing of ideas with the help of mentors and experts of the agrarian sector.

The aim of Idea Garage Agro Security is to cooperate with the agroindustry specialists – “MHP”, “Мriya”, “Agricom Group” and “IMK” – technical specialists and innovators to develop innovative individual ideas in small groups. Agriholding experts will present actual security problems of their companies and the participants will be formed into groups according to these problems.The event will be focused on finding new ideas in the field of agro-security and getting them approved by mentors and agriholding experts.


Ideas, that will be possible to implement, will receive proposals to cooperate with the leaders of agrarian sector.

The best of presented ideas will receive 10 000 uah.


We invite:

  • Specialists in agro-security, data protection, techno geeks, designers, developers, etc.;
  • Teams and innovators with the ideas for projects in the agrarian sector;
  • Representatives of the companies, that are already working in this field, but are interested in looking for new ideas and talents.

During the event, small team teams will discuss ideas and real issues, that need to be solved by some product or service, work on end-user issues, relevant business models, and successful strategies for market entry projects.

To join Agro Security Idea Garage please fill in the registration form available via link:  

Free entry.

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UNIT Factory event-hall (Dorogozhyzka st., 1)

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April 26, 2018

The event starts at 16:00

Registration begins at 15:30

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