Agrohub discussion in Davos


In the framework of the Agrohub discussion in Davos, international experts predicted the rapid growth of Ukrainian agricultural business through the transition to the next stage of development – investments in technology.

Davos, 24th of January, 2018

Agrohub gathered a full room for an open discussion panel for international investors in the first-ever Ukraine House in Davos, Switzerland, during the 48th annual WEF meeting

Discussion panel “European Agricultural Superpower: Ukraine, driven by technologies and innovations” was held on the 23rd of January. During the discussion, Agrohub brought the attention of global players to Ukraine, told about possibilities of Ukrainian business and represented Ukraine as a worthy participant among world’s innovators.


Yuliya Poroshenko (Ukraine) – founder and CEO of Agrohub project, co-founder of technology cluster Radar Tech, stated, that Agrohub was created to connect players from different fields to develop agricultural field.

“If you are an investor – think about Ukrainian startups in agriculture. Agrohub analyzes agro-startups, finds the best solutions and improves them with knowledge. Our partners in agribusiness give a chance to test the prototypes on real farms and fields.

If you’re a startup project and you have a technological solution for agriculture, then Agrohub is your starting point of entering Ukrainian agribusiness. We know who needs your solution and we definitely know what do they need, and who in the company is the person we can talk to”, stated Yuliya Poroshenko.

By her words, Agrohub attracts and looks for investors to develop the agricultural field in Ukraine, develops startup projects, connects with other countries to contribute to agricultural development in Ukraine.


“By observing Ukraine for 5 years, I’ve noticed entrepreneurship and creativity in the farming. But in terms of introduction of digital technologies, Ukraine is only at the beginning of the way. However, in a very good beginning.

I have good news for those who want to start their digital farm enterprise: you don’t need a lot of money for this. You only need your creativity. Everything else, like computers, digital security, access to the market,you can rent almost for free. Don’t look at the huge numbers, you don’t need this type of investment. The market is huge and the potential is also huge. And there is an actual possibility for everyone.”Tobias Menne, Germany – Global Head Digital Farming Bayer AG.


Michael Horsch, Germany – co-founder and CEO of Horsch Machines, leading European producer of agricultural tillage and sowing equipment, mentioned during the discussion: “Ukraine has impressive results in the producing of cereals in large quantities, only Brazil and Argentina can boast such results. But if we talk about general production, Ukraine has one of the leading positions in the list of world’s grain producers. What surprises me, is that investments don’t come from overseas, but from Ukrainians themselves. It amazes and scares us, foreign farmers, as they can lead us out of the game. That’s why I say that I’d rather do business with them now, than prevent them from doing what they do. I believe that Ukraine is on the right track.”


Yuri Kosyuk, Mironovsky Hliboproduct: “20 years ago, when we started our chicken meat business, we were the only one of its kind. No one told us: do it like this or do it this way. And nowadays Poland repeats the model of our business. Believe me, in 10-15 years agriculture in Poland, especially chicken business, will be the same as in Ukraine. The rest of Europe is afraid of such potential development in the chicken business in Poland. Successful companies try to develop their business. And we try to find something new. Perhaps, it may be a usage of some smart technologies in agriculture.

Believe in us. We have sufficient potential and sufficient number of intelligent people, a huge base of more than thousands of experiments to develop something new, something unique. We have a large territory; many people and different ways are involved to discover something new. This is precisely a reason for our optimism. You know that many intelligent people are currently involved in the shadow business. It means that the fewer intelligent people will participate in it, the more sensible leaders we will get. The same goes for money. If it was invested in new business ideas, the country’s potential would develop. “

Yuri Kosyuk also mentioned a huge potential for investments: “Ukraine is one of the best places for business in Europe. I already did business in European countries and countries in Asia. There are many places where you can do business in our country. It’s safe here and you’re surrounded with kind and educated people who are capable of being successful.”


Alex Lissitsa, General Director of Agro Holding IMC, public figure, president of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club Association, moderator of the discussion, summed up: “Nowadays Ukraine is rapidly taking the positions of the agrarian European superpower. We implement innovative solutions, develop resources, integrate new technologies and demonstrate the prospects of investment in agro-innovations, and we can predict that just agricultural technology export will reach more than $5 billion in the next 5-7 years.”

The discussion panel was attended by more than 70 participants.

Online broadcasting is available on Agrohub page and official UKRAINE HOUSE Davos resources.


For information:

Agrohub is a project for the development of agricultural innovations. Its mission is to increase the efficiency of the agricultural sector through the introduction of innovations and technologies, enabling talents to realize their potential.

Agrohub accumulates information, builds relationships and becomes a catalyst for the relationship between agro-companies and technology developers, experts, academic institutions, the media and international communities.

Agrohub provides managers of agricultural companies with the knowledge in essential philosophy and innovation practice, popularizes the culture of innovation in the agricultural sector through educational programs and media.

In the fall of 2017, Agrohub, together with the Myronivsky Hliboproduct and technological cluster Radar Tech, launched the accelerator of agrarian innovations – MHP Accelerator.

Ukraine House in Davos is a multiformat space, that will work in Davos, Switzerland, during the 48th annual meeting of the World Economic Forum. Under the topic: “Ukraine: Creativity, Innovations, Opportunities”, the investment opportunities in Ukrainian IT and innovations field will be presented to the leaders of global businesses, technologies and investments.

The Ukrainian House will be open from 22d to 26th of January 2018. The organizer of the project is the Ukrainian Association of Venture Capital and Private Equity (UVCA) in partnership with the Western NIS Enterprise Fund and the Victor Pinchuk Foundation.

The Ukrainian House will operate with other numerous events during the 48th annual WEF meeting.

The Ukrainian House will discuss global economic trends in the context of the development of new technologies, where the topic of Ukraine will be inscribed in the global context. Bilateral meetings between representatives of start-ups and owners of the venture capital from different parts of the world will also be held.

photo The Gate, Grigorii Veprik, Ukrane House Davos