Agrohub launched a new consulting and research project Innovation Agenda

The research helps agricultural companies form and document a request for technologies; identify points of improvement; develop a process for integration of innovations; begin practical interaction with start-ups, entrepreneurs, scientific institutions, etc. The methodology of the research includes diagnostics of farms, their priority needs discovery, building of the effective model for innovations implementation, both internal and within the framework of the Open Innovation concept.

Yulia Poroshenko, founder of Agrohub: “This is a starting point for systematic development of innovations for any company. As a result, the company has a document that answers three questions: what innovations do we have in priority; how we will implement them; what effect we expect.”

Participation in Innovation Agenda has already been confirmed by Alex Lissitsa, CEO of the IMK, and Petro Melnyk, executive director of AGRICOM GROUP. Both companies are going to integrate the latest technological solutions into their production and other business processes.

“Later, the results of these studies will be combined into a general report on innovative priorities of the agricultural sector of Ukraine,” – said Kirill Krivolap, Associate Partner of the innovative international company CIVITTA. CIVITTA supports Agrohub with this research.

The project is financed by agricultural companies who order the research.

Watch Yulia Poroshenko announcing theĀ Innovation Agenda project launch: