Agrohub will present the National Innovation Agenda Report and will hold an expert series of lectures devoted to agricultural innovations Agrohub Nitro Marathon

Agrohub Nitro Marathon

When: March 1, 2019

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Agrohub, the agricultural innovations development platform, will present the annual results National Innovation Agenda Report — a report of the national research of priority directions of innovations development in Ukrainian agrarian sector, supported by Raiffeisen Bank, and will hold the series of expert lectures devoted to the best practices of agrarian innovations implementation  Agrohub Nitro Marathon.

Our aim is to promote the integration of innovations into Ukrainian agrarian sector. The project devoted to innovations priorities identification and analysis became the very first step, and helped to answer where the companies look for the opportunities to increase their profits through innovations, how they implement them, and what kind of effect they expect. It’s well known that innovations are all about the way of increasing the business profit and preparing it for the future challenges.

“We instantly figured out that Ukrainian market, unlike the American or Israeli one, doesn’t have the sector of professional agrarian consulting, and the best experts stay in the huge corporations, where they have all essential resources for experiments and an access to the latest technologies.

Therefore, they were the ones we chose to share the best practices. Throughout the year we’ve held more than 150 interviews with the top management of more than 20 companies of different sizes, that own from 5 till 500 thousands of hectares of the land bank. It gave us a unique opportunity to build a universal management paradigm of Ukrainian agri company, highlight the key processes at clusters and holdings, and build a maturity matrix that describes the various stages of innovations development within the company.

The value of that research is that now everyone who has an access to the report will be able to see the full picture of the innovations implementation, understand the maturity stage of the company, and how the transition to a different level of development in a specific process or function may look like. And that’s exactly what we’re going to share at the presentation, so everyone will be able to take a step further”,states Yuliya Poroshenko, Founder of Agrohub, and Co-Founder of Radar Tech.

“The uniqueness of the document is that it not only gives the understanding of the industry problems and needs, but also correlates them with the already accessible technological solutions on the global market. Within the research we have examined the effect of their implementation and formed the use cases — examples of practical uses of the technologies”, — says Kyrylo Kryvolap, Partner of Agrohub, and the Associate Partner of International Consulting Company CIVITTA. “The most valuable information was the use cases of various technologies provided by the agri companies. We have analysed more than 50 ways of their implementation and can’t wait to share it. Not every company had enough time to try all available technologies, therefore such information that includes specific figures and road maps will be highly interesting for the industry specialists. We paid our attention not only to the solutions from the mature suppliers with a lot of experience, but also to the AgTech startups that constantly develop breakthrough innovations”, — added Kyrylo Kryvolap.

Agrohub will present a few main innovations directions that will be highlighted by international experts and managers of global and regional companies, including МHP, Kernel, IMK, Cygnet, SmartFarming, Frendt, Taranis, Agro Region, CropX, Farmet a.s., CIVITTA, etc.


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