How to Startup

In the wake of the MHP accelerator … This fall an educational project How to Startup will be launched

In September 2018, agriculture company MHP and Agrohub innovation platform are launching an educational project How to Startup — an online course on how to create a startup. It will consist of 10 video lessons that will be useful not only for young technology entrepreneurs, but also for those who are already on the market. For those who have already launched a startup and it was successful, as well as for those whose startup “did not take off.”

Ukrainian and foreign startups and experts will give advice, share their lifehacks and warn against mistakes. The creators of the course aimed to gather the pool of the best practitioners.

After completing the course, the participants will have a clear understanding of what to look for at the very beginning of the path, what are the main “to-dos” and what problems they may face when launching a startup.

Ksenia Prozhogina, Director of Human Resources and Communications Department of MHP: “During 8 months of work with startups in the MHP accelerator program organized by Radar Tech, Agrohub and MHP, we examined over 180 applications from teams, saw the mechanics of Ukrainian startups, their strengths, effective actions and typical mistakes made at different stages of development. This experience could be useful for the whole community. This led us to the idea of ​​creating a course How to Startup, open for everybody who is interested in creating and developing their own business.”

How to Startup will include tips from similar courses. That’s why a special analytical research is conducted. Creators of the course collect, summarize and adapt the best Ukrainian and international practices.

Julia Poroshenko, founder of Agrohub, co-founder of Radar Tech: “The number of technology entrepreneurs in Ukraine is growing every day. We want them to be successful. And we want to make people, who plan their own business, feel more confident and ready to launch it.”

According to StartupNetwork, there are about 500 startups appearing in Ukraine every month. But, according to the Startup Genome Report, only 10% of startups survive, turning into profitable companies. And more often the cause of failure is internal, not caused by competition.

The creators emphasize that the course will focus on startups from all sectors, not just from agribusiness. It will be available for free.

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