Innovation Agenda of Ukrainian agritech

Innovation Agenda of Ukrainian agritech

On November 14, a unique project – MHP Accelerator – was launched in Ukraine. Radar Tech and Agrohub in partnership with the largest Ukrainian agroholding MHP decided to collect the best agro-start-ups and give them a real opportunity to put their ideas into practice.

The main objective was clear from the very beginning – to establish a relationship between the world of agrarian problems and innovative solutions.

It was also important to identify a common platform for all project participants. To do this, we’ve conducted an analysis of global trends in the AgriFood segment first. Then, in collaboration with MHP we’ve determined what is actual for the holding group. So it turned out  to be “The Magnificent Seven” directions for future participants of the accelerator.

  1. Agri biotechnology

Solutions that increase crop yields and livestock efficiency.

Yields can be increased, in particular, due to genetics and soil microbiology, innovations in plant protection, reduction of the influence of harmful factors, reduction of pesticide load on plants and soil, production of organic and mineral fertilizers. This includes the creation of new products based on agricultural raw materials, including biogas complexes.

For livestock – the creation of new feed mixes, the control and diagnosis of diseases, the production of vitamins, the reduction of the human factor in production – are in the priority.

  1. Digitalization

Today people try to make any managerial process to become digital. For the agricultural sector this is an extremely important direction, because often farmland occupies huge areas, and it is physically difficult to manage them. Digital in agribusiness is both cartography and analysis of the land park: the size of the plots, the structure of the soils, the amount of precipitation, the previous crops, the history of processing, the meteorological history and much more.

In livestock – it is about collection, storage, processing and analysis of data on livestock up to each individual animal.

Thanks to such platforms, you can quickly make decisions and react to negative factors. And also do what in agrarian business for centuries was the greatest problem – to predict.

  1. Innovations in the final product

This direction is best illustrated with the help of a specific case. In Holland, among other things, innovations are used in the processing – in order to maximize the preservation of useful substances. For example, they developed the technology of food preparation with the help of Pulsed Electric Fields (PEF). This is a very fast treatment at low temperatures, an alternative to pasteurization for thermally sensitive foods.

  1. Automation of industrial production and processes

Not only a house can be smart – a poultry farm can also be smart. This means accurate feeding, control of the microclimate, collecting information about the health and mobility of birds.

Fields can be smart, to which fertilizers and plant protection products are introduced with the help of drones. They also use smart irrigation and other fantastic things.

  1. Energy efficiency, green energy and waste management

The problem of low energy efficiency of the Ukrainian economy, as well as the problem of waste management in recent years, are being very actual. Agribusiness is one of the few that can not only consume energy, but also provide resources for alternative sources. On the one hand, we want to use the traditional energy resources as economically as possible, and on the other hand, to recycle production waste into biogas, carefully purify processed water, reduce emissions to the atmosphere and introduce the most environmentally friendly types of packaging.

Here Iceland can serve as a vivid example. Innovations in this country are dictated by two factors: the abundance of water and the lack of sunlight. Therefore, the northern island state develops a culture of automated greenhouses that are heated by means of “green” technologies. Icelanders are so committed to the philosophy of sustainable environmental development that they even created a whole Ministry of Industry and Innovation.

  1. Online platforms

This includes auctions, built on blockchain-technology and smart contracts, automation of customs clearance and obtaining permits, online analysis and price comparison.

A separate area is the automated exchange of resources between counterparties to prevent the accumulation of illiquid.

  1. Innovations in corporate management

This area covers everything related to the digital transformation of agribusiness: personnel management, document management, financial accounting and analysis, accounting, management reporting, reference services. In general, the whole office routine, which you want to shift to the shoulders of AI.

Solutions for fraud control and improving security are always in top. And it is desirable that the “struggle” turns into a prediction. Well, or finding at a very early stage.

The listed directions are strategic, but MHP Accelerator is also open for ideas that do not fit into them.

Today, the agrarian sector is the top sector in the whole world. We believe that Ukraine is obliged to take the leading place in this market. The potential of the country is huge. All we need is to connect natural resources with the latest technologies and innovative people.