Innovation insights from Dr. Nir Ben Lavi. Practical methodology of the innovations implementation

The business leaders are tasked with creating a “universal soldier” organization that would be stable and able to survive any changes, problems and environments. It is possible to do thanks to the formation of a special inside innovation culture, which will become the “muscles” of the company.

How to increase business profits through innovations? How to make corporate efforts effective in this direction? How to solve business problems through co-creation processes, thus bringing the organization to a new level?

On the 25-th of June, 2018, at 16:00, in the MORE space, these questions will be answered by Nir Ben Lav, who is a true Innovation Evangelist, Innovation Director at the Adizes Institute. He has been involved in the implementation of innovation processes in more than 100 companies in 20 countries.

An additional bonus will be the performance of one more specialist – the Vice President of the Institute of the Adizes Peter Strom. He will tell how the management system can slow down innovation in companies and what need to do with it.

Master Class on Innovations

The Systematic Innovation methodology is applicable to creating new businesses and initiatives, as well as developing new products, services and solutions. The methodology and its applications have been developed in the highly competitive Israel business arena, have been successfully implemented at Intel, VMWare, Sandisk, Microsoft, Birkshire Hathaway, Abbott Pharmaceuticals, France Telecom Holdings, RosAtom, Volvo, General Mills and other corporations, and are the only approach that was approved by the Israel Defense Ministries, internal security and tourism.

Systematic innovation allows its users to create, develop and implement possible solutions to real-world tasks associated with the business environment.

The methodology is fully implemented in practical business research and is updated to the innovative approach of participants, teaching them with the modern technologies of creating ideas, as well as methodologies for developing the best ready-made solutions for these problems.

Master class goals

By the end of the master class participants:

  • will be familiar with the latest methodologies for the implementation of innovation, entrepreneurship and the ideas creation for beginners;
  • will have the opportunity to implement the acquired knowledge in their life tasks.


  • Greetings and review
  • Fundamentals of systematic innovation (SI)
  • Presentation of case studies (SI)
  • SI templates and their application in business
  • Innovative Think-Tank Modeling
  • Quick diagnosis – presentation of results
  • Implementation plan – that’s how you will ignite changes in your company
  • Completion of the seminar


Preparing for the previous program

Each participant will be asked to accept the online diagnostics of the Eco System Entrepreneur indicator. The results of the diagnosis will be presented during the master class.


  • The master class will be conducted in English with simultaneous translation
  • The audience areĀ  entrepreneurs, technology champions and decision makers


Informational partner of the event is Anchor Ukraine personnel holding.

Date: June 25, 2018, from 16:00 to 21:00

Location: MORE Company, Velyka Vasylkivska Street, 100, Kyiv City

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