Kyiv-Mohyla Business School has become an educational partner of Agrohub

KMBS has become an educational partner

Agrohub, a collective impact organization for implementation of innovations into Ukrainian agribusiness, and the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School [kmbs] agreed on an educational partnership. Their cooperation will start immediately: the instructors of AgriFoodMBA [kmbs] will give lectures to the participants of the acceleration program MHP Accelerator, launched jointly by Agrohub, Radar Tech and the “Myronivsky Hliboproduct” company.

“To be ready to cooperate for the sake of common ideas is what is important today for businesses that are committed to breakthroughs and development in the face of global competition. At [kmbs], we bring together people who think big and are open to cooperation. Therefore, it is especially joyful for us that new and bold initiatives are emerging in Ukraine that share our ideas! In synergy we will be able to give impetus to the development of the whole industry”, says Natalia Gordiychuk, Head of AgriFoodMBA [kmbs].

Moreover, Agrohub will hold part of its events at the Kyiv-Mohyla Business School. In December 2017 a round table “Innovative directions of development of the leading agricultural holding”, organized by Agrohub, Radar Tech, [kmbs] and Ukrainian Food Valley, already took place at [kmbs].

Yulia Poroshenko, founder of Agrohub: “We belong to the collective impact organizations, therefore we are aimed at partnerships with the best ones in the fields of their competence. AgrifoodMBA [kmbs] is about ambitions to create agrifood companies of a new generation; about revolutionary products with high added value; about energy saving technologies. Our values ‚Äč‚Äčcompletely coincide. I’m glad that now we will unite our actions as well”.

Agrohub is created to enable Ukrainian agricultural companies to implement more technological solutions. Development of awareness about innovative solutions, training managers of agri enterprises on philosophy and innovation practice, as well as popularization of the culture of innovation through educational programs and the media is part of the work to put them into practice. Therefore, partnerships with media and educational centers are important. Agrohub already has a number of partnerships with the media. For example, we create news on world’s agricultural innovations together with Latifundist publishing house.