Radar Tech, Agrohub and Agribusiness Holding Company ‘MHP’ launched the MHP Accelerator

Radar Tech, Agrohub and Agribusiness Holding Company ‘MHP’ launched the MHP Accelerator

On the 14th of November, Radar Tech, Agrohub and MHP launched a program for startups development called MHP accelerator. During this enrolment, the project will focus on technological solutions, which would be applied in the operation of the agribusiness holding company. Applications will be submitted on or before February 26, 2018 at radartech.com.ua/mhp.

MHP accelerator program is focused on searching, development and integration of startups in the area of agribusiness. Out of all submitted applications, the project jury will choose 10 participants, who will take part in a 3-month training program with the experts in agricultural, business and startup industries. The strongest teams with elaborated solutions will have an opportunity to implement pilot projects and check their ideas based on MHP. They will gain access to resources, corporate expertise and mentor support from leading experts of the holding company.

Finalists of the MHP accelerator program will also have an opportunity to perform a business launch in partnership with the MHP agribusiness holding company.

Yurii Kosiuk, Chairman of the Management Board of MHP,

“MHP is ready to provide a platform and become a pioneer in implementing business ideas, which will lead the country to a whole new level. We cooperate with Radar Tech and Agrohub, since we understand the importance of integration of innovative ideas in business and complexity of their implementation without its support. MHP always followed the principles of publicity and transparency in its operation. We are open to talented people who are willing to fulfill their potential and implement their ideas. And we are ready to provide them with such opportunity”.

Startups working in seven following areas will have a priority during the selection:

  • Agrobiotechnologies
  • Digitalization
  • Innovation in industrial automation and processes
  • Trading platforms
  • Energy efficiency, green power engineering and waste management
  • Corporate management innovation
  • End product innovation

Accelerator is also interested in other solutions that may be applied in the operation of agribusiness holding company.

Yuliia Poroshenko, founder of a collective impact organization ‘Agrohub’, co-founder of Radar Tech: 

“When we speak of agricultural innovations in Ukraine in our team, we are joking that this is a “fresh ground for opportunities”. There are two strong industries in the country – agricultural business and technological developments, especially IT. Agrohub’s mission is to connect them and assist in moving to a new level of implementation of capacities of both industries”.

Out of all obtained applications, the MHP accelerator jury will choose 30 semifinalists, which will take part in the pre-acceleration program – a week of intensive workshop on the basics of technological business. Based on the results of this stage, 10 residents of accelerator will be selected, which will pass an education program adapted to the specifics of agricultural area prepared by 30+ domestic and international experts.

Maksym Bakhmatov, Chairman of the Management Board of Radar Tech:

“Corporate accelerators is one of the few opportunities for young startups to start earning big money in Ukraine. Our residents undergo training, obtain necessary skills, marketing support and interaction with the biggest industry players. And all of this is absolutely for free, since we don’t take equity. This model has already shown its effectiveness in the example of telecommunications accelerator, which we implement with Kyivstar. Owing to such programs, the best minds stay in Ukraine, and this is our primary target in this project”.

Let us recall that in 2016 Radar Tech has conducted the first corporate accelerator in Ukraine.

22 teams have already become graduates of two programs aimed at the development of telecommunications startups. Currently, four companies from the first Radar Tech’s enrolment work with Kyivstar according to the revenue share model, and five graduates of this year are discussing details of the contract on a business launch.

One may apply for participation in MHP accelerator on or before February 26, 2018 at the following website: radartech.com.ua/mhp.

Information on MHP

MHP is a leading company in commercial chicken production in Ukraine with the biggest market share and high visibility of brands. MHP controls all the stages of chicken production: from cultivation of grain and oil crops, compound feed production to hatching eggs production and broiler poultry, processing, selling and distribution of poultry meat (in particular, through franchising MHP points).


Information on Radar Tech

Radar Tech is a technology cluster that unites industrial corporate startup accelerators. The main purpose of Radar Tech is to create an eco-system that facilitates the implementation of ideas, growth and development of sectors of Ukrainian economy. Technology cluster consolidates large business, SME and startups for achieving common goals and creates favorable conditions for “retaining minds” in Ukraine.


Information on Agrohub

Agrohub is a collective impact organization. Its purpose is integration of innovations into Ukrainian agribusiness. As a result, Ukrainian agricultural companies will introduce more technology solutions, while talents and professional will be able to fulfill their potential in agricultural sector.