About us

Agrohub is a platform for developing agricultural innovations

The organization aims to improve the efficiency of the Ukrainian agricultural sector through introducing new technologies while allowing talents to realize their potential.

For this purpose, Agrohub works in two directions:

  • 01 Diagnostics and analitics for agricultural companies

    In 2018, Agrohub implemented a large-scale research National Innovation Agenda, having conducted interviews with 150+ representatives of the agricultural business. As a result, a universal tool for implementation of innovations in agricultural companies was developed, and the National Innovation Agenda Report was created. In 2019 Agrohub opened a benchmarking service line for Ukrainian agrarian companies. 5 holdings took part in the first wave of Agrohub Benchmarking: Kernel, IMC, MHP, LNZ and Cygnet. A land bank of 1 million hectares has been analyzed.

  • 02 Search for innovative solutions and consulting on innovation implementation

    National Innovation Agenda project is a base of proven innovative solutions available to Ukrainian farmers. Agrohub also started a series of meetings Find your Agritech, where the market players meet with startups from other countries. In 2017-2018 Agrohub, together with Radar Tech and MHP, organized the first accelerator of agricultural innovations in Ukraine.

Our mission
Leverage the power of innovation to help the agrisector become sustainable and efficient so that stakeholders can thrive
Our vision
Mission goals are achieved by:
  • Enabling coordination amongst technology ecosystem, business players, academia and other stakeholders
  • Accelerating startups and promoting startup-corporate engagement
  • Equipping residents and organizations with knowledge and technology
  • Promoting talents and education in strategy & innovations
  • Empowering stakeholders to create positive change