About us

We change the culture of Ukrainian farmers, showing them how smart decisions correlate with success

For this purpose, Agrohub works in three directions:

  • 01 Benchmarking

    Benchmarking is simple but unique for Ukrainian market tool that Agrohub provides among largest agricultural producers (covering 8 out of top 10 holdings). Paired with advanced analytics technics the study helps to identify problem areas, growth points and find industry best practices. This leads to superior performance and more sustainable agriculture.

  • 02 Maturity Matrix Tool

    Agrohub developed a Maturity matrix tool which helps to see and measure the level of innovations penetration in the company. With its help, we have been diagnosing dozens of Ukrainian farms and provided guidance and roadmap for implementation of best practices.

  • 03 Innovation Agenda Guide

    In 2018, Agrohub implemented large-scale research, conducting interviews with 150+ representatives of the 20+ agricultural business. As a result, a universal free Innovation Agenda Guide for agricultural companies was introduced. This is a tool that helps farmers to learn of existing technologies and effective new approaches.

What we do
is help agribusiness become more efficient providing quality information about existing solutions, market benchmarks, analyticsand best practices
The goals of benchmarking
  • Identification of the areas with the greatest potential for improvement
  • The guide for decision making
  • KPI. Ambitious but achievable KPI setting