6 September, 2019

Agrohub BM will talk about increasing the efficiency of agricultural companies through benchmark analysis on LFM


Benchmark analysis is a new tool for increasing efficiency for Ukrainian agricultural companies. Agrohub BM was the first in the country to benchmark competitors to find the best industry practices. Yulia Poroshenko, founder of Agrohub platform, McKinsey alumna, and Alex Kolbasynskyy, head of BM practice and partner of Agrohub platform, will talk at the X International Conference “Effective Management of Agricultural Companies” LFM about how benchmarking works, what is required from the agricultural producers to participate in the study and what results it gives.

Cases will be examined on the influence of the geographical factor on productivity and profitability, on the effective replacement cycle of equipment and the optimal balance between workload and compensation for employees. Yulia and Alexey will share what industry practices Agrohub BM observed in the first wave of research conducted in February-July 2019. It covered five agricultural holdings — Kernel, IMC, Cygnet, LNZ, MHP — and a total land bank of 1 million hectares. LFM participants will see examples of benchmark analytics in 4 categories of indicators: equipment, human resources, agricultural efficiency and precision farming.



The LFM conference will be held on September 18, 2019 at Terminal Z (Agro-Region, 59 Sobornaya St., Bolshaya Aleksandrovka village, Borispolsky district, Kiev region). This is a platform where top agricultural producers, representatives of resource and service companies, innovative startups and leading investors gather for the exchange of experience, the presentation of advanced developments and networking in a wide circle of professionals.

The conference will also cover such topics:

• Agri-food supply chain: evolution and performance with conflicting consumer and societal demands
• Management and HR: on the way to have business representations in 60 countries of the world
• 360-degree automation
• Agricultural production of the future: how to use data effectively?
• Urbanization and depopulation. How to make countryside attractive for generation Z?
• Ethical aspects of innovation in agribusiness

Other conference speakers:

• Richard J. Sexton, Professor, Head of the Chair of Agricultural Economics, University of California, Davis, USA
• Ihor Gumennyi, President, UBC Group, Ukraine
• Tobias Menne, Head of Global Digital Farming, Executive Team Member, BASF Agricultural Solutions, Germany
• Brad Jones, CEO, Bungulla Tech Pty Ltd, Australia
• Matija Zulj, Founder, CEO, Agrivi, Croatia

The organizers are the Ukrainian Club of Agricultural Business Association and the UCABevent agency.

With the promo code AGROHUB_LFM19 you will get a 20% discount on participation. Registration for LFM 2019

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