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1. What is Agrohub?
Agrohub is a team of highly qualified analysts, agricultural market experts and experts in best management practices, which helps farmers to share best practices, make the right decisions and get better results. The two main products are agroefficiency analytics Agrohub Benchmarking and human capital analytics Agrohub HR360 Benchmarking. The company has signed contracts with the TOP-20 Ukrainian agricultural holdings.
2. What is Agrohub Benchmarking?
Agrohub Benchmarking is a tool for making the right decisions. It defines:
• what to cut corners on;
• areas that need additional attention;
• production efficiency in comparison with competitors;
• additional opportunities for profit-making.
3. What is Agrohub Salary Benchmarking?
Agrohub HR360 Benchmarking is a tool for better decision-making in terms of personnel in agribusiness. It defines:
• What is the salary and total income for different categories in the labor market;
• What metrics and KPIs best reflect business goals today and determine bonuses for each specialty;
• What benefits and allowances are the industry standard and what are needed by employees;
• How many people need to be hired in the company to have an optimal balance of workload and efficiency;
• How to change the organizational structure of the company to increase its efficiency.
Agrohub HR360 Benchmarking is a report that provides comprehensive answers to what to do with your company's employees: who and how many people to hire, how much to pay, and how to work with people effectively.
4. What is the price of the research?
We calculate the cost of research for each client individually, since the final price depends on the size of the land bank, the client's participation in our referral program and the presence of additional requests. Please leave a request on our website, and our managers will contact you and calculate everything.
5. What is unique about your research?
Our expertise in the agricultural sector has allowed us to develop a unique methodology for calculating and analyzing large amounts of data. We do not disclose details as our designs are copyrighted. We are trusted by the largest agricultural holdings in Ukraine, which were so pleased with the work with us that they have now signed multi-year contracts.
6. How do I know my data is safe?
Our task is to give you the maximum of reliable information that will allow you to earn money, save money, and most importantly, make the right business decisions based on data analysis. We sign nondisclosure agreements with all our clients, partners and contractors and protect your data in accordance with all the provisions of Ukrainian legislation. Data security is the key to our work, we take care of it.
7. How do you know if your data is relevant?
We have been conducting research since 2019 and already have enough practical evidence of the relevance of data from our clients - both from the largest agricultural holdings in Ukraine and from small companies. The proof of this is the multi-year contracts that we have signed with most of our clients.
8. Can I get a sample report to decide if I need it?
We do not send examples of the report for preliminary review, because until payment is received from the client, it is our intellectual property. But during the meeting, we will demonstrate examples of reports that you can get when you become our client.
9. I do not have a data collection system like holdings. Can't I get a report?
We will help you with the data collection form to make the process as convenient and unified as possible. This is what allows us to accurately and correctly analyze data from various companies. We have extensive experience in converting disparate data to a single format.
10. What new will I learn from your reports? I've been working in agrosphere for 20 years!
We work with the most experienced Ukrainian farmers and will be very glad to see you among our clients and partners. Our uniqueness is in the analysis of data from various companies, in that all these data are reduced to a single reporting form and mean the same thing, and our reports reduce to zero the probability of error due to human factors. We invite you to meet to show you all the possibilities that Agrohub Benchmarking, Agrohub 360 HR Benchmarking and our other products open to you.
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