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Leading agricultural companies use Agrohub benchmarking results as a catalyst for change.

We help to set individual goals, unify direction in complex organizations, and optimize the strategy. Our recommendations, based on transparent evaluation and in-depth analysis, accelerate change and reduce risk.

The results of the benchmark analysis were extremely important both at the level of field companies and at the global level of the holding. Benchmarking is an effective way to share experiences among Ukrainian grain producers, which contributes to the efficiency of the entire sector.

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Michael Bertram
of NCH Capital (Ukraine)

Benchmarking Agrohub — a comprehensive analysis that takes into account the real performance indicators in Ukraine. This is unique data and a product that immediately proves its effectiveness. In addition, not only does it increase our own efficiency, but also promotes the development of Ukraine's agricultural sector.

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Yevhen Osipov
CEO of Kernel LLC

Business is not based on intuition, but on numbers. It is benchmarking that allows you to compare your performance and assess your strengths and weaknesses. These are specific parameters for determining how effective a company is and what needs to be improved.

Ihor Shyliuk
General Director of Cygnet Agrocompany

Participation in the benchmarking gave us the opportunity to conduct a comprehensive analysis of both individual companies and the holding as a whole. We researched in detail the issues of equipment and personnel. This is a good comparison tool for determining the path to better results!

Valery Sokolenko
Executive Director of Astarta-Kiev

Being able to evaluate the chosen strategy and look at yourself from a different perspective relying on clear data is a step towards the next level of decision-making quality. The product created by Agrohub fully satisfies our requests and does not lose relevance over the years.

Oksana Pokotynska
Head of the Operational Efficiency Department of Plant Growing at MHP

I am glad that the Ukrainian agricultural sector now has access to such effective world practices as benchmark analysis. I think this project is useful for every company in the agricultural sector, regardless of location and scale. I definitely recommend everyone to join!

Alex Lissitsa
General Director of IMC

Competence within one company is no longer enough to build effective business processes — it is necessary to emulate the best practices in the sector. The Agrohub project is crucial because we see changes in the sector in real-time — and we know what challenges to expect.

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Georg von Nolcken
CEO of Continental Farmers Group

Thanks to Agrohub BM, we were able to see our own company in the global coordinate system — we gained access to real market data, and were able to confirm the correctness of previously made decisions on efficiency, cost optimization, staff reduction that helped to increase productivity.

Yevhen Sayenko
General Director of UKRPROMINVEST-AGRO

Work with the Agrohub team of professionals left an extremely positive impression on us. Due to this project, we were able to reconsider the approaches our company took in terms of operational analytics. The cross-validation system allowed us to correct several technical errors and pay attention to the accuracy of the previous calculations. In the upcoming years, we will also participate in the project, since it brings great advantages. We will definitely recommend the Agrohub Benchmarking product to all those interested.

Roman and Andrii Gorobets
Co-owners of FE ASTRA.

It is difficult to imagine how a sprinter would set records if he ran alone. So business should be guided by best practices. Agrohub Benchmarking is an excellent tool for achieving high results. Decision-making should be based on numbers, not stereotypes. Agrohub did a great job. We adjusted our strategy according to their research. The information obtained is extremely valuable for all benchmarking participants. There is no doubt that Ukrainian agricultural companies will simultaneously improve their performance in the near future. Now they know their strengths and weaknesses.

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Vitaliy Shtempel
Director of finance and economics of the agrarian group Agrain

We had a very positive experience with Agrohub. We always thought we were doing the right thing, but we needed to add confidence in it, to compare ourselves with others. Agrohub does a good job in general: it makes the Ukrainian agricultural sector more competitive, better, more modern. I urge everyone to join this project to improve their results. Agrohub Benchmarking is like a mirror in the gym, where the athlete sees his progress and can compare himself with others.

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Kateryna Rybachenko
CEO at Agro-Region
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