19 July, 2019

Agrohub launched the project on benchmarking of agricultural companies


Agrohub platform opened a service line of benchmarking of Ukrainian agrarian companies — Agrohub Benchmarking. It is headed by Alex Kolbasynskyi.

The essence of benchmarking is in analyzing the activities of competitors or different divisions of the same holding company, which allows anonymously to compare their performance and identify best industry practices. Benchmarking helps the company to evaluate the effectiveness of its processes and find problem areas and growth points.

Alex Kolbasynskyi
Head of Agrohub Benchmarking

Benchmarking gives the company an understanding of the position it holds regarding its competitors and the market as a whole. When an owner or top management sees a market average indicator, as well as indicators of the best decisions in the industry, this becomes the basis for making investment decisions: a focused vector and a motivation for development.

Agrohub Benchmarking covers various business processes and includes an assessment of business and technical indicators, an assessment of the company’s position on the labor market, and an assessment of indicators of precision farming.

Alex Kolbasynskyi
Head of Agrohub Benchmarking

The Ukrainian agricultural market is going to experience a more stressful stage of development: the producers’ margin will be reduced, market conditions will become tougher,” says Alex Kolbasynskyi. – And benchmarking is the best tool to reduce the risks of “sagging” efficiency. Agrohub Benchmarking determines the main points, the investment in which will give the most noticeable effect.

Yulia Poroshenko
Foundress Agrohub

Agrohub has always been aiming to increase the efficiency of Ukrainian agricultural companies. Earlier we achieved this through innovations, now benchmarking has been added to them. It solves the same problem with different tools.

In order to participate in the benchmarking analysis a company should provide a sufficient amount of qualitative data. Agrohub Benchmarking helps participants determine what type of information they are required to bring to a single standard, ready for comparison.

From 2015 to 2018, Alex Kolbasynskyi held the post of financial director of the agroholding Agroprosperis, where he was responsible for strategic budgeting, liquidity management, and other business processes.

 Agrohub works in 4 directions:

• diagnostics and consulting for agricultural companies (benchmarking, research “Innovation Agenda”);
• search for solutions (technology database Agrohub Innovation Solutions);
• development of agricultural innovators (MHP accelerator);
• popularization of innovations (work with media, training).

Agrohub was founded in 2017 by Yulia Poroshenko.

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